The phatest, freshest DJ show since Jazzy Jeff. DJ Mighty Fly spins nothing but dope 90s jams. Expect to get jiggy to music and videos from the most memorable artists of the 90s such as Will Smith, Jay Z, Salt n Pepa, 'NSYNC, Nirvana, Spice Girls, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, CnC Music Factory, and Naughty By Nature as well clips from your favorite 90s TV shows, movies, and a live video camera.

DJ Mighty Fly's story.

Bobby Matt Von Winkle, better known by his stage name DJ Mighty Fly (DJ MF) is a 90s iconic DJ. Thanks to his older siblings, Von Winkle heard his first beats and jams while still in his mother's womb. His mother gave birth to him at a night club in Wilkes-Barre, PA during the breakdown of En Vogue's "My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)" which further solidified his fate. After growing up in the rough middle class suburbs of Philadelphia, Von Winkle moved to Miami where at the age of 8 he bought his first Technics 1200 turntable. The next day he skipped school to scratch, match, and mix his favorite records and hasn't looked back since. DJ Mighty Fly was born...

DJ MF now resides in Austin, TX. He can be reached through is manager, Jeff Hudson.

The ultimate 90s DJ!